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Source and Research, Negotiate and Clear: IP Rights, Personality Rights, Music.
Budgeting and Feasibility.

We understand that you are experts in your field and but don’t always have the answers you need – that’s why we’re here to help.

Source and Research.

We have strong relationships with commercial rights holders from film studios through to viral videos and pride ourselves on finding what you want and securing the rights. The process isn’t always prescribed and we are able to use all our resources and experience to offer a bespoke service to meet the brief

It’s tough to know what a unique project needs or can get within budget – we’re expert at estimating and providing advice.

Negotiate and Clear:

With years of experience in negotiating and clearing many types of rights we can determine reasonable costs and licence fees giving you confidence that you are getting a good deal for your production.

Personality Rights:

These include; actors, celebrities, fictional characters, VO’s, historic figures, estates representing deceased personalities.

IP Rights:

Intellectual Property is a legal term for the rights protected in a created work covering for example trademarks, logos, audio clips, artworks, books and scripts. If you wish to use someone’s IP in a commercial project this would need to be cleared and we can research and clear these.


Music Publishing and Master Recording Rights – We clear commercial tracks for TV Ads, feature films, documentaries, indie films and offer a consultation service to composers.

Budgeting and Feasibility:

We offer consultative documents and information on the feasibility of ideas or proposals.  We can give an estimate of the likely costs and highlight any problems or conflicts that would need to be addressed.

Give your proposal robust information that will serve you and your project well:

  • Budget estimates
  • Feasibility of your ideas
  • Difficult and problematic clearances
  • Best use of your budget
  • Legal anomolies and options.